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I think I can speak for many of us that have tried using the Chat bot that most often shows up in the lower right corner of a company website. (This site doesn’t have one!)

Companies pay a small price for the Chat bot service to try and answer the high-volume questions that may or may not be addressed on their FAQ’s page to avoid hiring knowledgeable human beings to provide that customer service.

As a user, we’re thinking I’ll give that Chat box a shot. Maybe it will be a quick and easy way to get an answer to my complicated question. With all our optimism intact, we get started with some simple meet & greet back and forth conversation and all seems to be on our merry way to getting that quick answer. It still seems plausible that a real human being could be on the other end.

Then we type that question carefully in gory detail to make it is easy as possible for a human to understand and hit ‘enter’ and wait.

Then we get the dose of reality. The glass spills and now we realize we wasted even more time trying to take the easy way out. We’re asking something beyond the reach the AI and get some response to the tune of, “sorry I can’t answer that question. Contact a representative of the company…blah, blah, blah”. And for the hard-headed, we may try to retype the question in a different way or hold out hope that the message gets redirected to a human being, so we keep putting the time in to beat the system.

Most often the results were back to the old days of making that phone call and once again holding out a bit of optimism that we reach a human being instead of a tiered automated messaging system. And again, you can quite get to the correct department to leave a message because the system isn’t quite smart enough. So close but so far away.

We work so hard not to work. IMO, we’ve created these complex automated “smart” systems which have almost achieved the human response we’re hoping for but often create more problems than they solve.

ChatGPT is in its infancy, and it shouldn’t be expected to be perfect now or ever. But we’ll never get there without trying and this is another attempt at a fundamental breakthrough to progressing humanity is a positive way (hopefully).

Chat Bots are based on machine learning and algorithms. It takes immense amounts of data to teach, try, get feedback, and fine-tune responses. The collection process needs to start somewhere and then consider all the languages in the world, idioms, and slang terms and it becomes clear that it may never be perfect, but I believe it could be better that humans in some ways (maybe in terms of quantity and speed, quality is TBD).

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