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What additional features would you like to see on ChatGPT?

Interesting finds, experiments, new features…. share it here as long as it’s (keep it positive) related to ChatGPT.

Just like OpenAI indicates on the ChatGPT site, also do not share sensitive or confidential in your comments.

ChatGPT Wish List

  • Ability to print conversation
  • Audio input and output
  • Ability to increase font size or zoom in
  • Integration with email and social media applications
  • Input of images and possibly videos to identify items or solve math problems when given a picture of the problem.
  • Output to include images (such as for process for solving complex math problems) and video
  • Outputs seems to vary for the same question each time the question is regenerated
  • Display sources/citation if applicable
  • Free App
  • Export/Download of conversations
  • Perform functions (such as respond to emails, download certain images or files from the web)

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